Rachelle Chapman Paralyzed Bride Gets Married, Attends Project Walk

Rachelle Chapman Bride – Rachelle Chapman has been paralyzed ever since and left without the ability to walk anymore. She suffered a freak accident in 2010 when a friend pushed the bride into a pool at her bachelorette party. However, she didn’t let the accident get in the way of her life, because she got married and is learning to walk again.

Chapman teamed up with Project Walk for a three week class last October in Carlsbad, California.

“When Chapman arrived at Project Walk, she was weak,” said Kimberly Davis, an instructor there. “Her blood pressure was low because her muscles had atrophied and she didn’t have the muscle contractions necessary to move the blood,” Davis added.

After just 3 weeks at the spinal rehab center, Rachelle was strong enough to walk on a machine that is similar to a elliptical machine with a harness, for 30 minutes.

Now she is hoping to return to the center in the coming year to receive more rehab.

“I was pretty impressed with her progress,” Davis said. “She didn’t leave here walking, but she increased her strength tremendously.”

Davis admits that Chapman has a severe injury, but it’s still possible she can walk again. “With this injury, it’s unpredictable,” she says.

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