Red Meat Linked To Disease And Cancer

Red meat and the risk of cancer. The Harvard School of Public Health indicates that new research shows a more significant link between eating red meat and cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The researchers say that as little as one helping of red meat a day can increase your chances of having to deal with either health problem and dying from it.

The results are from a three decade-long study in where some 37,000 men and 83,000 women who started the study without either health issue participated in answering a detailed questionnaire about their diet and lifestyle every four years for the Harvard Nurses Health Study.

Researchers found as of the latest questionnaire that 23.926 participants had passed away, with a breakdown that saw 5,910 die of cardiovascular disease and 9,464 of cancer.

“This study provides clear evidence that regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, contributes substantially to premature death,” lead researcher Dr. Frank Hu said in a release. “On the other hand, choosing more healthful sources of protein in place of red meat can confer significant health benefits.”

The researchers calculated from the questionnaires, that for every daily serving of red meat, the risk of dying increased 12 percent. Broken down further, the researchers found the risk was 13 percent for a serving of unprocessed red meat and 20 percent for processed red meat.

Hu added, “We should move to a more plant-based diet. This can substantially reduce the risk of chronic disease and the risk of premature death.”

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