Sausage And Cancer – Bacon Has A Link?

Sausage is linked to pancreatic cancer, according to a recent Swedish study. Researchers say that a person eating a single serving of processed meat every day can increase their risk, but is it only processed meat that increases the chances for fatal diseases?

Several other studies have had similar results. Harvard University researchers suggested a link between red meat and type II diabetes in 2010. An average single 85-gram serving of unprocessed red meat per day increases the chances of getting type II diabetes by almost 12 percent over the course of a decade or two, according to the study. The chances increase by 32 percent if consuming processed red meat, even if portions are smaller.

A meta-analysis of 29 studies done by the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute of Cancer Research in 2007 showed that red and processed meats caused colorectal, colon, and rectal cancers. Similar studies by other universities in Europe and the US also support the fact that high meat consumption and an increased risk of colon cancer are correlated.

Harvard Medical School researchers believe colon cancer might be caused by heterocyclic amines (HCAs), chemicals produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures. Scientists from England blame colon cancer on the presence of high levels of N-nitroso compounds (NOCs), which are potential cancer-causing chemicals, in red meat.

A study conducted by researchers from the National Cancer Institute and published in the journal Cancer, discovered that a higher consumption of processed meats such as hot dogs, pepperoni, and deli cold cuts that contain nitrate and nitrite preservatives increased the risk of bladder cancer by nearly 30 percent.

The study revealed that non-Hispanic whites, current smokers, and people with a higher body mass index were more prone to being afflicted with bladder cancer.

Several research studies done by scientists from all over the world have found a link between the consumption of processed meats, such as bacon, sausage, salami, hot dogs, and lunch meats, and a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

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