Vitamins to Help Boost Your Metabolism

Vitamins that boost your metabolism can also help when you’re facing fatigue having difficulty, losing weight or dealing with hypothyroidism. A sluggish metabolism can actually inhibit your ability to lose weight, feel energetic and rested whether you are eating correctly or not.

Taking vitamins that boost your metabolism can help to improve your metabolic rate. Vitaman B helps your metabolism. You should balance your vitamin supplements to match your needs. You can take a multi-vitamin, but if you still feel fatigued, then you might not be getting enough vitamin B.

Vitamin B12 will improve your energy by boosting your metabolism. It can also help keep your skin healthy, improve muscle tone and your immune system, and promote cell growth and function. B complex helps reduce stress, which in turn releases less cortical and helps you lose weight.

Green Tea is a great source for metabolism boosting. If you substitute green tea for caffeine, it will help prevent your body from making more insulin than it should and prevent extra fat around your belly. Green tea also helps as an appetite suppressant by tricking your body into thinking it is full. It accelerates cell function, which boosts your metabolism. Green tea comes in a drink and vitamin form as a tablet or liquid drop.

Vitamin C can help boost your metabolism by taking a vitamin C supplement or eating foods containing vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C include orange juice, tomato juice, oranges, tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cantaloupe, cabbage and greens.

Magnesium can help improve metabolism. You can take magnesium in vitamin form alone or with a combination of Zinc and calcium. Taking a combination of zinc, magnesium and calcium seems to work better for most people. Cayenne Capsules or cayenne in food is another great metabolism booster. Cayenne capsules stimulate warmth in your body and help you burn more calories.