Weight Loss Proven To Decrease Breast Cancer Risk

Weight loss and exercise can decrease disease and breast cancer risk, according to researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center conducted a study. In fact, losing just five percent of your body weight can lessen the levels dispersing estrogen that can contribute to breast cancer.

The study revealed post-menopausal women who exercise, and diet can lower their levels of sex hormones that lead to aggressive types of cancer.

This is a drug-free approach that woman can accomplish on their own; there are medications that are prescribed to circumvent the cancer block estrogen receptors. However, they have side effects that can be unbearable.

The women in this study were given exercise such as brisk walking or diet, exercise and diet or no interference. Those participants who exercised and exercised and dieted both carried out the goal of losing 10 percent of their body weight.

Following the women’s weight loss they all had lower hormone levels, yet those who dieted and exercised had greater results.

“The amount of weight lost was key to changes in hormone levels. The biggest effect was through diet plus exercise; exercise by itself didn’t produce much of a change in weight or estrogen,” stated Anne McTiernan, M.D., Ph.D.

So, for the long-term McTiernan suggest that women exercise and diet in order to keep their estrogen levels down and extra weight off.

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