Women’s Heart Attacks And Serious Chest Pain

Women’s heart attacks and serious chest pains was the focus of the latest research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The research found that women are more likely then men to die of heart attacks when they don’t have the symptom of serious chest pains.

The study claims that the occurrence of chest pain in women experiencing a heart attack is a less likely symptom then in men.

Looking at over 1.1 million cases of heart attack’s 42 percent of women admitted to an emergency room having a heart attack indicated no chest pain. That compares to 31 percent of men who say they were not having chest pain.

Out of the 42 percent of women, 15 percent died in comparison to 10 percent of the men. The mortality rate may be due to the fact, that without the presence of chest pain, a patient might not know they are having a heart attack.

“If a patient is more likely to delay, a patient is less likely to be diagnosed promptly and receive life-saving treatment,” stated cardiologist John Canto, which is a study co-author.

The researchers believe though, the difference in symptoms and mortality, occur more often in women of younger ages, as it saw that the older, the women was the more closely the statistics were to that of the men.

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