Worst Foods For Weight Gain List

We have a list of the worst foods for weight gain. When losing weight, many people try to focus on the amount of calories they are eating, yet researchers say it is actually the type of foods they eat. Not only can they be the worst for any diet, they can also be the cause of disease and cancer.

The number one culprit of causing you to put on the pounds is surprisingly, potato chips. The study found that potato chips put on the most pounds per serving. On average people added 1.69 pounds every four years if they east one serving a day of potato chips, making it the worst foods for weight gain.

Among the other foods that cause more weight would be baked, boiled, mashed or French fried potatoes. This was next in line for causing the most weight gain. Each extra serving of potatoes was associated with an average 1.28 pound weight gain. So it’s obvious that potatoes aren’t very good for you, yet researchers can’t figure out why.

Researchers feel that potatoes cause the most weight gain mainly because the food is usually eaten in large proportions. It has also been found that potatoes cause high spikes in blood sugar, which good increase weight gain. Finishing the top five list of foods that cause the most weight gain are sweeten beverages, red meat, and process red meat.

Of course with anything you eat, you will mostly likely always gain weight unless you exercise or eat perfect, which is extremely difficult. Just make sure you stay away from those top five worst food so you don’t gain pounds every year.