​$120 Egg Sandwich For Breakfast Amid Bacon Week​​

By: | 05/15/2013 08:25 AM ET

A restaurant is charging $120 for an egg breakfast sandwich as part of an Australian port industry organization’s “Bacon Week.”

The menu item, which was created by 4Fourteen chef Carla Jones, features several ingredients that don’t strike us as particularly decadent, like bacon, smoked tomatoes, English cheddar, a handmade brioche bun and even a pan-fried duck egg.

It will be served with a side of chips and shaved truffle aioli.

“About two-thirds of bacon sales made in Australia are from pork that’s imported and the average consumer doesn’t know that’s going on,” Australian Pork Chief Executive Officer Andrew Spencer said.

Bacon Week was created to promote quality Australian pork. Chefs in Sydney are featuring items on their menu that use bacon.

4Fourteen head chef Carla Jones said she doesn’t believe many people will try the new $120 sandwich item.

“It’s not something I ever thought I’d be doing but it will be interesting to see how many we’ll sell,” she said. “I reckon some people will buy it just to see what it’s like. I’m not sure I’d eat it — I’m not that into truffles and stuff like that.”

Bacon Week 2013 will feature the sandwich at 4Fourteen, a restaurant in Surry Hills, until Friday.