19th Century Outlaws In Wild West

19th century outlaws. This is a list of all the 19th century stories on outlaws. These men (and women at times) caused chaos in the country by robbing banks and committing other crimes. They were gangs and thugs and they demonstrated how ruthless they can be.

We start with Butch Cassidy. His gang, known as the “Wild Bunch,” is often romanticized as non-violent, but in reality, they killed a number of people during their spree of bank robberies. Cassidy stole thousands of dollars throughout his bank robbing career as an outlaw.

In fact, he may have been one of the most successful of all Wild West outlaws. He is said to have died in a shootout in South America in 1908, but his body has never been found, and some say that he returned to the United States and lived to a ripe old age. We will never know the truth about this 19th century legend.

Jesse James was born in Missouri, and became arguably the most famous outlaw in the old west. His father was a preacher and minister. During the period before the Civil War, Jesse and his brother Frank and their siblings grew up in comfortable surroundings in the Confederacy.

Jesse fought in a guerilla group against the Union forces during the war. In 1868, he joined Cole Younger to form the notorious James-Younger Gang, and they began their career as American outlaws by robbing a bank at Russellville in Kentucky. In 1869, he shot a cashier whom he wrongly believed to be behind the shooting of his former commander in the Civil War, “Bloody” Bill Anderson.

This tale of revenge became front page news, and Jesse James, outlaw, soon became the standard label applied to him. The gang soon become notorious in the 19th century by robbing several banks from Iowa to West Virginia and Texas. In all, they netted many thousands of dollars, and James himself is thought to have shot and killed some 15 people.