Best Bacon Brands And Tasters

Best Bacon Brands And Tasters. Getting America’s best bacon brands does matter and the tasters all agree. Here’s a list of brands that do stand above the competition.

Vande Rose Farms Artisan Dry-Cured Bacon, Applewood Smoked. Tasters raved that this bacon — which scored a distinct few notches higher than the rest of the lineup — has it all: “Nice balance of sweetness to salt, great deep complex ham flavor, very meaty,” with a “faint fruity taste, sweet and salty.” Extra-big slices and “genuine” smoke flavor were big hits with our tasters.

Nodine’s Smokehouse Apple Smoke Flavored Bacon. “Wow, this is some huge piece of amazing bacon,” gushed one happy taster. Slices are very wide and thick and weighed more than the competition. Panelists commented on “nice meatiness” and subtle apple flavor without too much smoke.

Applegate Farms Natural Uncured Sunday Bacon. One taster praised this nitrite-free supermarket brand for a “subtle smokiness, sweetness of pork, but not sugary. Woodsy but not overly smoky. This is log cabin bacon.” Another noted, “You get the sense this is right off the pig; natural-tasting.”

Farmland/Carando Apple Cider Cured Bacon, Applewood Smoked. Some tasters found this “sugary” supermarket bacon far too sweet. Others described the flavor as “caramelized,” with cinnamon and maple syrup notes– “like it’s been hanging with French toast already.”

Oscar’s Smoke House Applewood Smoked Bacon. A few tasters noted an “almost Asian” flavor to this bacon, describing it as “like teriyaki bacon, sweet and tangy,” or “soy sauce.” Several noted a “chewy” (a few said “tough”) texture and “relatively meaty” consistency, with “good pork flavor but not really bacon-y,” according to one taster.