Best Mockumentaries Based On Real Life Events

There are dozens of great mockumentaries, which are some of the best movies that adopt the style of a documentary to tell a story, but some of them are parodies of real-life events.

The Blair Witch Project – This film had audience members wondering if the mockumentary was based on a true story. A group of film students go out into the woods to search for the Blair Witch only to disappear. The footage of their journey is found later and turned into a feature film.

This is Spinal Tap – This mockumentary is perhaps the most famous of all time and it has become a very popular cult classic. It’s about what it’s really like to be a dizzy member of a big-time rock band. The film perfectly portrays rock n’ roll star stereotypes with the band Spinal Tap changing its name multiple times, changing its music genre a few times, and changing drummers a few times.

Man Bites Dog – This is, perhaps, the darkest mockumentary on this list. It’s about a charismatic serial killer who is being followed by a crew of cameramen who record his crimes and comment on them. Serial killer Benoit is almost charming as he explains his art form to the camera crew, telling them why he chooses certain people to kill and what methods are best for certain situations.

CSA: The Confederate States of America – This mockumentary takes a hilarious look at what life would be if the Confederacy had won the war. This is one of the best films that show you a country where the people don’t agree with the way American history was written by the CSA. We learn the history of the country through two viewpoints: that of a white CSA man and a black Canadian woman (both are historians).