​Bull Mastiff Reunited With Owners in Arizona by Nebraska Dog Lover

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Mar. 5, 2015

The bull mastiff reunited with her owners in Arizona is doing great after a Nebraska trucker drove the lost 95-pound dog 1,380 miles.

Jimmy Dimmit made sure the dog was reunited after seeing that the canine needed a ride, according to the Examiner. The Nebraska trucker is making national headlines after deciding to extend himself in order to help a large bull mastiff that had broken free of its cage and gotten lost from its family. The Good Samaritan drove Koda to his anxious owners in Arizona.

“Newlyweds Jason and Dani Windham were happy as could be earlier this year, preparing for their fall wedding in Nebraska when a terrible incident took place. All three of their large dogs — again, Koda alone weighs 95 pounds — managed to topple a fence in their backyard and bounded off. The couple immediately called local authorities who managed to find two of their pets, but the bull mastiff remained missing.

The bull mastiff was reunited 22 days after the family moved to Camp Verde, Arizona. Last week, Koda was found after a farmer reported a bull mastiff chasing his cattle about 40 miles away from where she disappeared. The Windhams couldn’t afford to fly the bull mastiff back, so a lost pets group in Nebraska put out a call for help.

That’s when truck driver Jimmy Dimmit answered, according to The Inquisitr. As both states were along his route to California, Dimmit offered to transport Koda to the Windhams. The bull mastiff was reunited with her happy owners Monday.

“There was no hesitation on my part.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, authorities first became aware of the situation when they were called about a possible lost hiker in the Cascadia area in Linn County about 7:45 p.m. Saturday. But when deputies and rescuers arrived on the scene, they learned a group that had been hiking along the South Santiam River had reported finding a weak and hungry bull mastiff about two miles upstream. Deputies were then told that the grouup had then hiked back in to stay with the animal until help arrived.

Although the bull mastiff is reunited with her owners, it was a long journey. The weak and hungry dog was in steep terrian with no easy way out, as the Albany Democrat-Herald notes. One of the deputies who had responded remembered seeing a poster for a lost dog in the area, and that’s when the rescue efforts were made.

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