Crazy “Baby Shower” Games

Crazy “Baby Shower” Games. Crazy and fun “Baby Shower” games is a way to add to the excitement of this celebration. Gifts and snacks are a normal part of the festivities as well, but adding something extra to the day’s agenda is easy and will make your event more memorable for the mother-to-be and the friends and family in attendance.

Playing Gerber Guess is funny, sometimes disgusting and certainly healthy. The shower host prepares for this game by purchasing a large variety of small baby food jars ahead of time. The different flavors are numbered from one up to the total number of jars bought. Five flavors is probably sufficient.

Each guest puts on a blindfold and grabs a spoon and tastes the first jar. Then guests remove the blindfold and write down the flavor they think they tasted next to a number one on an answer sheet. They put the blindfolds back on and repeat the process for each jar.

Once the sheets are complete, the host will stand up in front of the guests and ask them what they thought the first flavor was. The answers will likely be very inconsistent and likely wrong in many cases. Whoever has the most correct guesses will get a prize provided by the shower organizer. The game is much more fun if you intentionally choose the worst tasting baby food you can find.

Assuming the baby shower takes place during the third trimester, the tummy size game can be a lot of fun. Guests at the shower will write down how many inches they believe the expecting mother’s tummy is when measured all the way around her body. This game is much better for those moms who are really showing and growing during their pregnancy.

Each person will write their name on the paper along with her prediction and the shower host will proceed to measure the mother-to-be with a tape measure around the largest part of her tummy. The closest guess wins the game.