Daughter Surprises Mom After Weight-Loss Surgery

One daughter loses more than 140 pounds and surprises mom on the “Today” show. Abigail Lowe and her daughter Maile Daly have each struggled with extra pounds during their lives, but both recently underwent successful weight-loss surgery.

Since they live hundreds of miles apart, with Daly in in California and her mother in Hawaii, the mother-daughter reunion on the “Today” show marked the first time they were able to see one another’s weight loss.

In 2006, Lowe underwent gastric bypass surgery when her weight dropped from 238 pounds to 140 pounds in just 10 months. Now, she has maintained a healthy weight of 160 pounds for over two years. The success inspired Lowe to urge her daughter to consider her own options with weight loss.

Consequently, Daly listened to her mother, and in September, she underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and is down 146 pounds. However, the mother and daughter had not yet seen each other’s progress in person, until now.

During the morning show’s “Mom’s the Word” segment on Tuesday this week, Lowe thought she was being interviewed for her own successful weight loss surgery without realizing her own daughter was waiting off-camera to surprise her in person. Once Daly came into view, Lowe was overjoyed.

“Wow,” she said, stunned. “You need to talk to me so I recognize you.”

“Hi, mommy,” Daly replied.

“I love my daughter very much,” Lowe said. “I’m so happy for you.”

Later on, the “Today” show rewarded the mother and daughter with a shopping spree to Macy’s where they could update their wardrobe according to their new, healthy sizes. The segment was a part of the morning show’s homage to mothers everywhere in light of Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 11.

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