Easy Group Gift Giving Tips

Easy Group Gift Giving – Easy tips on how to pursue group Christmas gift giving when time is short. It can all be simplified by following these easy solutions. Don’t make it harder than it really is, and believe me, I know what a daunting task it can be.

Shop at an online bookseller. Purchase books, CDs, or DVDs for everyone on your shopping list. One transaction, one shipping fee and you are done. If you are very pressed for time or ideas, give a gift card.

Give each family a gift instead of buying individual gifts for each member. Rather than spending $20 on each person in the family, buy one nicer gift for $75 or $100 that can be enjoyed by everyone. It could be a family pass to the zoo, tickets to a show, a gift card for a getaway, or a fun appliance such as an ice cream maker.

If you prefer to shop at a store, purchase all of your gifts from one store. Make a list of all your gift recipients and think through what the store would have that would work for each one. For example, just make the single trip to Walmart (because they have everything) and be done.

Make everyone the same food gift. Select a food gift that everyone would like and make it in bulk. Set aside one afternoon or evening to make the food and package it for gift giving. This could be a salsa, a gourmet cocoa mix, coffee cake, cookies in a jar, or candies.

Give everyone the same food basket. Cheese and crackers, chocolates, cocoa packets, gourmet coffee, and snack foods all make a fun gift basket. Buy as many of the same baskets as you need, purchase Christmas bows or ribbons to decorate, and fill with items purchased at the store.

Assemble all the gifts and once and you are done.