Ex Etiquette Tips (Advice)

Ex Etiquette Tips. If you need a few tips and some ex etiquette advice, we’ve got a few to help you with a smoother breakup. First, do not invite your ex to your wedding.

There is no reason for your ex to be there. I actually know someone who asked their ex to give them away. What were they thinking? Second, do not call your ex, with whom you do not have children, to check in. Allow your ex to move on with his or her life, and you do the same.

Third, do not visit your ex or have lunch or drinks, unless you want to get back together. Honor your divorce and your new life the same way you honored your marriage. If you didn’t honor your marriage, learn your lesson and honor your divorce. Fourth, do not call your ex or e-mail him or her to tell him about a promotion, the death of a relative, or a terrific trip you just took. Don’t try to make him or her jealous or express warmth.

Fifth, if you have children with your ex don’t give your children false hopes of your getting back together with your ex — even if it means keeping distance between you two. It is more important for the children in divorce to accept the reality of their new life no matter how painful it may be. This way they can move on. Sixth, if you have a new partner, and you and your ex are friendly, you may have dinner with your ex and your children. If your partner is along, too, and your ex’s partner, if he or she has one, is included. Never disparage your ex in front of your children.

Last, assist your children in purchasing gifts and cards for their parent from whom you are now divorced. Take your children shopping so that they can buy their parent Christmas, Birthday and Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts that are strictly from the child. Even if you hate your ex, it is important that you allow your child to honor the parent-child relationship.