​Homeless Man Donates 18 Cents: Pastor Overwhelmed By Homeless Man Small Tithe

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 1, 2015

A homeless man donates 18 cents to the First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rev. Patrick S. Hamrick said the church was touched when they found an unusual handwritten note on an envelope in their collection plate Sunday, according to The Inquisitr.

Along with a dime, nickel and three pennies, the homeless man left was a message: “Please don’t be mad I don’t have much. Im homeless. God Bless.”

Homeless Charity

But the church was far from angry at the gesture of charity and sacrifice and posted the note on its Facebook page. Rev. Hamrick said the entire staff was moved by the spirit as the homeless man donates 18 cents.

“We gratefully acknowledge that this individual, out of his poverty, has given all he had to live on,” he said of the man.

The church does a lot of outreach for homeless and disadvantaged people in the community and Hamrick said he believes this was a way for someone they have helped to give back, according to The Huffington Post.

Man Donates Bravery

“It took some bravery I think to write that down and say don’t be mad … And for us, we acknowledge that individual gave out of his poverty proportionally a big deal,” Pastor Patrick Hamrick said of the homeless man who donates 18 cents.

On Sunday mornings, the church offers a program called “Muffin Ministry,” which serves breakfast to about 150 homeless people. One of them is the homeless man.

The homeless man said “the gift was between him, the church, and God,” Hamrick said. “I thanked him for all he has done and assured him that we honor his intent and his dignity.”

“I picture that individual reaching into his or her pocket and pulling out that dime, nickel and three cents and dropping it in the envelope, writing that note and sticking it in the offering plate. That could really have been a sacrificial gift. That could have been all that person had in his or her pocket that day,” Hamrick stated about the man.

18 Cents In Coins

As the homeless man donates 18 cents by giving three pennies, one nickel and one dime, many people at the church thought it was heartwarming. The homeless man who gave so little, which meant so much, came forward on Thursday and left a voice message for Hamrick, notes Examiner. The Pastor called back, reached him at a local soup kitchen and thanked him for his donation and his generosity.

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