Keep Your Marriage Strong & Exciting

We have a few tips on how to keep your marriage spontaneous and exciting. You cannot have anything interesting to say if you spend every waking moment doing and experiencing the same things. Having independent interests is not a sign of a weak connection, as some newlyweds believe, but rather a sign of its strength.

Having independent interests means that your marriage has something unique to bring to conversations, ensuring that you both always have something interesting, and yes exciting, to say to one another.

While you were dating, planning the spontaneous event seemed rather innate. But, as we grow comfortable in our marriages and more busy by life’s obligations, we have a tendency to rely upon the strength of our relationships and in so doing fail to keep things spontaneous.

So to mix things up by planning an afternoon or evening event that is completely new. Try that show your spouse has been dying to see, or visit that new restaurant that just opened up. There are several things to do.

One sure-fire way to inject some romance into your marriage is to take a vacation with just the two of you. Keep things at a reasonable cost. Plan a cruise getaway and do something exciting.