McDonald’s Secret Sauce For Big Mac Made Simple

McDonald’s has done a good job keeping the lid tight on what’s in their secret sauce, but most people who ordered a Big Mac sandwich knew that it was similar to thousand island dressing.

In a recent PR campaign, the hamburger chain’s executive chef shared the inside secret to whipping up a burger at home with ingredients you find at a local supermarket.

Tthe Huffington Post did a story about the campaign by the fast food giant to have more transparency about its products. With so much talk around pink slime, consumers wanted to know more about what’s in the world’s most widely-sold hamburger.

McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut said the secret sauce really isn’t “secret” at all; the ingredients are posted on the Internet. However, as part of the continued interest from the public — and likely due to recent negative publicity on “unhealthy” eating — the hamburger chain agreed to make a tell-all video…sort of, according to the Daily Mail.

Chef Coudreaut sets the scene by pulling off his formal work jacket, revealing a casual shirt and denims. Using things he bought from a local grocer, he explains the process of making a Big Mac at home the McDonald’s way, using 100% beef like the restaurant does.

Of course, he makes it look easy. After all, he’s a chef. However, if there is going to be full-disclosure, he failed to mention the high fructose corn syrup that is housed in the sesame seed buns and likely in the McDonald’s secret sauce.

With pressure from the public to close venues at the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London, the chain is likely doing all it can to put its best foot forward, patty by patty.

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