​Million Dollar Finds Uncover Treasures​​

September 22, 2021

Million Dollar Finds - People from all over the world lose something of value and the finds are worth millions of dollars. Recently, actor Nicolas Cage was able to uncover a valuable comic book stolen more than 11 years ago. Here’s a few more stories of ordinary folks who found more than what they were looking for.

A young boy was using a metal detector for the first time. Suddenly, he told his father that it was beeping repeatedly. After the father inspected the ground, he learned that they uncovered something quite ancient, religious, rare and valuable.

A homeowner unearthed something huge while he was digging in the backyard. He uncovered coins that bear the image of an ancient Roman. They were found in a large pot and are extremely rare. Their impressive value came as a shock to the hospital chef who unearthed them. He’s now retired.

Looking for cannonballs on the site of an ancient bloody battle outside of their home town, 9-year-old Alexander Granhof and his grandfather discovered a hoard from the 13th century worth a small fortune. It was a real medieval treasure found buried.

On his first time out with a metal detector, not far from his home, David Booth uncovered four ancient gold necklaces from a bygone era. He hasn’t quit his day job, but says he plans to keep looking for treasure.

Unemployed and on welfare, hobbyist Terry Herbert hit the payload near his home. He uncovered ancient gold and silver artifacts with a metal detector. His cut of the ancient treasure will be divided equally with the landowner. He may even memorize the Latin phrase found in the hoard.