Most Popular Craft Beers – Brew Favorites

Here’s a list of the most popular craft beers in the world ranging from old obscure brews to American flavors that have made them so genuine.

Some of the beers on this list go beyond the range of popular flavors as the craft of making them venture into the most unexplored territories in the world.

Fruit beers are a style that can vary widely depending on the whim of the brewer. Raspberries, cherries, apricots and blueberries are the most commonly-used fruits, and many variations are possible.

Honey beers have honey added to the wort, which surprisingly, creates a dry, crisp beer with honey aromas. This is a favorite among people who live in the south.

Pumpkin beer is a popular fall seasonal in which pumpkin is added to the mash. This is one of the oldest American-style ales originating when colonists, lacking a reliable source of malt, used whatever fermentables were available for brewing. Some pumpkin flavor is present in most pumpkin ales, but most of the flavor comes from pumpkin pie spices added late in the boil.

Chili beers are a more recent creation with a spiciness ranging from subtle to intense. There are many ways to make chili beer, but all include adding peppers to the mash or fermenter. This is popular during winter months.

Barrel-aged beers are typically barley wines or strong stouts aged for a few months or longer in oak barrels or used bourbon barrels. While aging, the beers pick up delicious vanilla and toasted coconut aromas. These are popular among tropical islands.

Hyper beers are ales that feature experimental yeasts that can survive in high alcohol environments. These super yeasts produce extremely strong beers that can exceed 20% alcohol by volume. These beers share many characteristics with sherry or port.

Seasonal Beers are some of the gems of the brewing world. While some are brewed annually, others are produced as one-time releases. These beers are often unique and showcase a brewer’s creativity and passion. They utilize ingredients and highlight flavors in harmony with seasonal fare.