National Siblings Day April 10, 2011 (Event)

National Siblings Day April 10, 2011. It’s National Siblings Day on April 10, 2011 and the event if full of celebration. Even through they hog all the attention, they are the only people that understand how odd your parents really are.

It’s the overall consenses and it seems to be that even the siblings, who insist on looking at you when you would rather they didn’t and insist you were adopted, are still the only people that matter in the whole wide world.

Today is the day for a Sibling Shout Out. Insist that while you will always be Mom’s favorite, you are really glad that your wish that they were never born wasn’t granted.

I asked friends who had siblings to share a few sib sentences with me … as it was recently explained to me, “My siblings share my growing memories and my grown-up dreams,” “I love my brother like a brother!”, “My sister was awful growing up and she is still awful, but over the years I have come to love that about her,” “I would kill him, but then I would miss him so much,” “My sister and I have always been best friends, even when we couldn’t stand one another,” and “My brother is the second best brother. I am the best brother of course.”

It’s such a great national day. Get out there and treat yourself to some ice cream and a movie. Moreover, pull out some family albums and remember those that are the most important to you.