Oldest People In The World List

The world continues to have a longer life expectancy and we a have a list of the oldest people who are still living. Many of them are considered the oldest because they are more than 100 years old. Among them are some of the longest marriages in the world.

Here’s the list:

Gertrude Baines was born on April 6, 1894 in Shellman, Georgia. She is the third daughter of Jordan (1863–23 October 1921) and Amelia “Amy” (Daniel) Baines, who were married in Terrell County, Georgia, on January 1, 1887. She is considered to be one of the oldest people in the world.

Mary Josephine was born on May 17th, 1895. She came to America at age three. Her father died when she was 7 and her mother when she was 15. Mary went out on her own, working in factories in Maine. She later married Walter Ray in the 1920s; he died in 1967.

Olivia Patricia Thomas was born on June 29, 1895. She is the world’s third verified oldest living person. Her nickname is The Plant Lady, because of her lifelong hobby of caring for plants.

Neva Morris was born on August 3rd, 1895. She married Edward Leonard Morris in 1914. The couple had four children: Leslie, Mary Jane, Walter and Betty Lee.

Maggie Mae Renfro was born on November 14, 1895. She lives in Louisiana. Renfro and her sisters Carrie Thornton (born in 1902) and Rosie Thornton Warren (born in 1906) are the oldest living sisters in the world.