Organizations That Help Veterans

Organizations That Help Veterans – The Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs helps by publishing an online Directory of Veterans Service Organizations as an informational service.

This up-to-date, database driven website allows you to view VSO information in a variety of ways. You may also search through the VSO database to find information that suits your needs. See the database online at:

Congressionally – Chartered Veterans Service Organizations is a list of Veterans Service Organizations ordered by date of Congressional Charter. Links to their websites are maintained by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. It is available online at:

Recognition of Veterans Service Organizations – The Office of General Counsel in the Department of Veterans Affairs publishes Bulletin 23-0, a list of national, state, and other veterans service organizations approved pursuant to the authority granted in 38 United States Code § 5902(a). This section is shown is § 5902. Recognition of representatives of organizations (a) (1) The Secretary may recognize representatives of the American National Red Cross, the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans, the United Spanish War Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and such other organizations as the Secretary may approve, in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Secretary. (2) The Secretary may, in the discretion of the Secretary, furnish, if available, space and office facilities for the use of paid full-time representatives of national organizations so recognized.

The most recent Bulletin 23-0 is available in Microsoft Word format online at: The Office of General Counsel also publishes Information Bulletin 2-151, listing veterans’ service representatives currently recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the presentation of claims before the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The most recent Bulletin 2-151 is available in Microsoft Word format online at:

The Senate Committee On Veterans’ Affairs also maintains a website. Its homepage is located at: Also see Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits at .