Panda Yun Zi Plays In Snow At San Diego Zoo

Panda Snow – Pandas love the snow and Yun Zi showed the world just that, as he played in the white stuff at the San Diego Zoo on Thursday. Animal care staff arranged a winter wonderland for two of its large animals, Bai Yun and her two-year-old son, Yun Zi. They felt right at home and it didn’t take long before they were rolling around in it.

This is the first time that the young panda had ever seen snow. He came out of his bedroom, tested the snow to see if he could walk on it, and then made his way from one corner of the exhibit to the other.

Zoo horticulture staff constructed a 5-foot holiday tree from two types of bamboo – oldhamii and vivax – that was shaped to resemble a pine tree.

They used a large block of ice for the tree stand but it was no match for Yun Zi.

He approached the tree, swiftly knocked it over and nibbled the slices of fruit and vegetables that were hung as ornaments.

Yun Zi then climbed up the icy tree stumps in his exhibit and napped above the winter wonderland.

The Zoo just completed an upgrade to its Panda Cam, allowing online visitors to watch the black-and-white beauties more clearly.

The four new high-definition cameras provide viewers with several vantage points in the exhibit as well as activity in the den.

The special snow day comes kicked off the Zoo’s 3rd annual Jungle Bells celebration from Dec. 10 through January 1, 2012.