Pumpkin Carving Made Easy With Power Tools

Pumpkin Carving – Pumpkin carving with power tools. Carving a Halloween pumpkin with power tools.

Cutting off a lid: Using a jigsaw blade is just like using a kitchen knife but with more power. Plunge the blade in the top of the pumpkin at a 45 degree angle, move in a circular motion and watch how quick and easy it is to open the pumpkin up.

Gutting the pumpkin: Purchase the Pumpkin Gutter tool for $10 and save 20 minutes of sticking your hands in the gooey center. Simply insert the gutter into your drill, tighten, and make mince meat of your pumpkin guts.

Create circular patters: Using a spade bit can make very interesting shapes such as stars and other unique designs. Coring bits are a great way to make perfectly circular eyes, or use the coring bit in combination with spade bits to make intriguing circular patterns.

Intricate Details: When working on the fine details, Linoleum cutters are the perfect tool. Unless you are an artist, the best bet for making an intricate design is to print out a pattern and then use a thumbtack or other small needle to mark the lines.

Advanced Carvers: One of the biggest raves in pumpkin carving is to chip away the flesh of the pumpkin. Large wood working chisels are a good for removing the top layer of skin, or for removing larger areas of a design. Smaller sized chisels work well for carving intricate designs in your pumpkin. Keep in mind, while Halloween is primarily a child’s holiday, carving pumpkins with power tools is an adult project. Children can offer their ideas, but the power tools should be supervised by responsible adults.

Check out Mr. Handyman’s free Halloween pumpkin carving stencils at “Free Pumpkin Carving Templates — Download Printable PDF Stencils” where you’ll find a whole list of free spooky Halloween patterns.

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