San Francisco Panhandling Puppies Program Pays Homeless $75/Week

San Francisco is taking a creative approach to to pay panhandlers $75/week to raise puppies in the city’s animal shelters, but now PETA is fighting to end the program by offering a $10,000 bribe to the city.

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals fired off a letter to the mayor, asking him to halt Bevan Dufty’s plan to pair up the homeless with dogs.

The “sharply worded letter” claims the program is going to be a complete disaster that will come back to haunt the city. The group is so serious that the group is offering the city $10K to put an end to the program even before it begins.

Here’s how PETA described the puppy-panhandler union:

“Most former panhandlers are financially destitute because of struggles with substance abuse and mental-health issues,” Teresa Chagrin, a PETA rep, wrote to the mayor. “Placing any animal with them is risky at best, (and) it should be out of the question to play Russian roulette with these animals, allowing them to be used as lures or pawns.”

Dufty, the former city supervisor turned homeless czar, surprised everyone when he announced his outlandish plan to give the city’s panhandlers a $75 stipend every week, but only if they adopted a dog from the San Francisco Animal Care & Control. In short, Dufty is hoping the adorable, homeless puppies will solve San Francisco’s panhandling problem.

However, it seems for sure that PETA is wasting its time; Dufty tells the Chron that he has every intention of moving ahead with this pilot program, which he says will give both man and his best friend a second chance.

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