​Shark Attack Victim Returns Home With More Details

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June 2, 2021

A shark attack that struck at Melbourne Beach in Florida is rare, but now the victim is talking about the details surrounding her ordeal last month. The victim, 38-year-old Amy Tatsch, was swimming with her family.

Tatsch had a large chunk of her calf bitten off by the shark off near the shores of Ponce de Leon Park in Brevard County. After looking at the width of the bite, Tatsch said couldn’t believe what she saw. Tatsch believes that the shark responsible was likely a bull shark.

On June 1, the Examiner reported that she underwent several surgeries at Holmes Regional Medical Center to repair the damage made by the animal. It “ripped her Achilles tendon, and took a chunk from her calf,” the site said. Right now, she is just glad to be back at home, and she is able to go outside.

“(I) can’t get up and around, but it’s so much nicer to be home and be able to be outside,” Tatsch told Local 6 at her Indian Harbour Beach home.

Tatsch, a mother of six, has been in the hospital for the last two weeks getting multiple surgeries after the shark attacked her while she was boogie boarding with her brother.

“We caught a couple of waves. He caught one and I drifted down a little farther with the current so I was a little farther away and the next wave that was coming up, I was ready,” she said. “I kicked off with my right leg to give me some momentum to ride in and that’s when I got bumped.”

Tatsch said her Achilles tendon was torn and her calf was a couple of inches from being taken off completely.

“It was a really hard bump and then seconds after I felt my leg being torn and then I felt the motion of something big swimming away,” she said.

There are no lifeguards in the area where the shark attack occurred and Tatsch’s brother told Local 6 his family and other beachgoers brought Tatsch to shore.

Officials haven’t said what type of shark attacked Tatsch.

Watch Local 6 News to see the full story.