Social Security New Card Replacement

Ordering a Social Security card replacement is easy as long as you can prove your citizenship. You will need the necessary paperwork for the Social Security Administration, including all original documents, and the application. You can visit your local center to apply for the new card.

You will need to provide at least two documents to prove your age, identity, and your United States citizenship. A driver’s license and birth certificate with a raised seal are required. If you don’t have a birth certificate, you can have one mailed to you by the local courts in the city you were born.

If you are not a United States citizen and do not have DHS work authorization, you must prove that you have a valid non-work reason for requesting a card.

The form you need is called the “Application For A Social Security Card” (Form SS-5). Use it to duplicate or order a replacement. If you have a printer at home, you can visit the agency’s website to get the form online.

The card is needed to get a job, collect benefits and to receive other government services. The Administration recommends not carrying with you as it can get lost or stolen. Always keep it in a safe place with your other important papers.

You should receive your Social Security replacement within 10 business days from the date on your receipt.