Teen Saves Bus Driver During Heart Attack

Teen saves bus after driver collapses from a heart attack in Philadelphia.

Graceann Rumor, 17, had only recently received her driver’s license, but little did the teen know that she would have to drive a bus its driver passed out from a heart attack.

The senior student, from Calvary Christian Academy, told a local NBC news station that she looked up after hearing a loud noise and noticed the bus driver was laying on the ground.

“I just realized that there’s no one driving this bus, I need to do something,” Graceann said.

She explained that the bus had started veering into incoming traffic, but she could not reach the brake pedal because the driver was still blocking it. Her only choice was to grab the wheel and steer it into a u-turn, avoiding a head on collision with the oncoming traffic.

Witnesses on the bus said the bus eventually slowed to a stop where Graceann shifted it into park, saving the bus load of kids and other drivers from injury or worse.

“I usually panic at like everything but I just reached over… grabbed thewheel and I pulled it over to the side and got off the road,” Graceann said.

The 51-year-old bus driver, Charles Duncan died from the heart attack at the hospital.

One mother of three children on the bus was thankful for Graceann’s action’s telling the news station, “she did something very heroic.”

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