Top 10 Most Spoken World Languages - Facts

Top 10 most spoken world languages. Each top language around the world is spoken from a unique culture. Most were created thousands of years ago.

1. Chinese - With more than 30% of the world’s population in China, Chinese is on the top. Originally spoken by the Han Chinese and thought to have started with the Zhou Dynasty. The Mandarin chinese dialect is the most widely spoken dialect and 1.21 billion people speak Chinese.

2. Spanish - Must like the British the Spanish colonized much of the world leading to many Spanish speaking countries including Spain, Mexico, Columbia and Peru to name a few. It dates back to the 9th century AD and there are various Spanish dialects. There are a lot of celebrities who speak Spanish much due to it being the 2nd in USA. 329 million people speak Spanish language.

3. English - A huge colonial influence could be seen as the root to it. Of course each country has adapted it greatly and in the US you can find a ton of common American slang. In fact in UK the regional variations are so huge that people often can’t understand each other.

4. Arabic - It is spoken throughout the Middle East. You can find the earliest spoken words in 4th century AD. 221 million people speak arabic, but it has pretty large regional variations.

5. Hindi - Hindi is mostly spoken in India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. You can find the roots of Hindi in the 17th century AD. The standardization of Hindi grammar only happened in 1954 and 182 million people speak it.