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Top 5 On Twitter – Take a glance at the top 5 most popular articles that were on twitter this week.

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1. In this study found on twitter, people had a retirement goal of $350k. But only 1/2 had saved over $25k. Don’t work until you’re 80:
Sadly, a recent study showed how ill-prepared many are for retirement. While the typical worker stated a retirement goal of about $350,000, only half had saved more than $25,000. Even comparing the results of seniors, 30% still had less than $25,000 saved up. Start building your retirement strategies now with these tips.

2. Be greedy when others are fearful! Here are 5 dividend stocks that may benefit from all the eurozone carnage.
If you have the stomach to be greedy when others are fearful, the market is presenting opportunities through stocks that have significant export exposure from the euro area. These five companies, including Telefonica and Total, could actually benefit from a weaker euro currency.

3. This top CEO makes just $1 a year — but rakes in his company’s dividends. While some CEOs enjoy hefty salaries, Richard Kinder is aligned with his shareholders in compensation. As CEO, Richard Kinder has a $1 salary although he’s at the helm of three companies: Kinder Morgan, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, and Kinder Morgan Management. But his compensation is through dividends and units of Kinder Morgan’s limited partnerships.

4. It’s boring. It’s lucrative. And Buffett would love it. @TMFJMo found one stock that really cleans up:
This company does a little bit of everything. And we mean everything — from cleaning and sanitizing products to pest elimination. With a new acquisition, massive market-share advantage over its competitors, and 90% of its revenue recurring, it’s no wonder that Fool Jason Moser is giving this stock a 6% position in his Rising Star portfolio.

5. Microsoft’s ($MSFT) sneak attack could win the war to rule your living room. Xbox marks the spot:
Could Microsoft be making a play for your living room? Fool Patrick Martin believes that Microsoft is in the best position to disrupt how we consume TV and video with the Xbox 360. With an arsenal of partnerships under its belt to serve up live and on-demand television, Microsoft certainly has the potential to change our viewing habits. Apple and Google also have bets placed in the living room with Apple TV and Google TV.

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