TV Judge Salaries – Top Salaries For Television Show Judges

TV Judge Salaries. A TV judge can make a lot of money with salaries as high as $10 million for every season. They also become Hollywood stars while working on some of the most crazy cases that are filled with courtroom drama.

Judge Mablean Ephraim was fired from Divorce Court a couple years ago. It’s a job that does see turnover when ratings are bad. Even so, these courtroom celebrities walk away with millions.

A couple years ago, Judge Glenda Hatchett, was fired from the hit court show “Judge Hatchett.” It was quite a shock, and everyone was asking what went wrong, since the show was doing quite well. The show’s producers fired her over money.

Hatchett was asking for $2 million a season, which is in line with what other TV judges are paid, but the producers never gave her a counter-offer.

In the end, she lost her job for asking. She was told that they weren’t interested in working with her any longer.The show is still in syndication with re-runs of old episodes.

And industry insiders aren’t shocked by the network’s move. Bill Carroll, VP and director of programming at consulting firm Katz Television Group, was quoted as telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think any viewer will initially know the difference between a program that was produced two weeks ago and one that was produced two years ago.”

Here are the top shows that are still on the air:

1. Judge Judy
2. Judge Joe Brown
3. The People’s Court