Weirdest Candy In The World

Here’s a list of the weirdest candy in the world, and it will probably ruin your appetite. It seems that candy can come in all flavors and things. You will be amazed on the weirdest creation on some of these products that are sweet.

Weirdest Candy

1. Toilet Candy – It even comes with a brush. It’s all candy, but you basically eat it out of the soap-looking toilet. It’s similar to a thing called “Space Rockets” from the 1970s. They pop in their mouth.

2. Maggots Candy – They are white chocolate and come in a tin can. A wacky, yucky gift idea perhaps for your friends. It’s not real, don’t worry, but it looks really disgusting.

3. Gross Nose – Remember these things? It’s a nose with a fungus and they used be Halloween treats. It’s chewy and tastes like a jelly bean.

4. Fear Factor Candy – You won’t be able to touch this one. It has a goat’s eyeball, duck’s feet, or animal’s lungs (raw, not cooked). However, they taste sweet and doesn’t smell like the real thing.

5. Baby’s Poo – Just who on earth came up with this concept? Maybe seeing baby’s poo is better than a chocolate bar. Most people would pass on this one.

6. Random Taste – The concept is just like Harry Potter’s candy (in the novel). You basically have to boost your luck to get the great flavor. It goes from good to worse, so you might not enjoy this snack.

7. Ear Wax Candy – Very disgusting. You eat wax out of something that looks like an ear. It comes with a spoon to help you scoop up the good stuff. No thanks!