What To Do In A Natural Disaster

What To Do In A Natural Disaster – Do you know what to do during a natural disaster? Planning ahead can make dealing with emergencies easier, especially since communications and transportation, food and water supplies, and shelter may be disrupted. Four main steps will help you know what to do to protect yourself during a natural disaster.

The impact of any emergency or disaster can be lessened by being prepared and knowing what to do before, during and after the emergency has occurred. Know what warning signs your community has in place to signal an emergency. Listen to local media outlets to find out forecasts and emergency instructions.

Families should organize a plan for what to do, where to go and safety precautions during a natural disaster. This plan should be in writing and every family member should receive a copy of it. Select a potential alternative meeting spot outside of your area in case family members are separated.

Always have at least five days worth of food and water available for each family member. Water should be stored in sealed containers and food should be composed of nonperishable goods, such as canned goods or food sealed packages. Keep an emergency kit handy with a battery-powered radio and flashlight, extra batteries, candles and matches.

Keep a fire-proof, waterproof safe with important family information, such as vital records, mortgage papers, medical records, insurance information and birth certificates, as well as other irreplaceable items. Medical devices should always be carried with you. Listen to the radio and television to find out if your area needs to evacuate.

These are some of the things on what you need to do during a natural disaster. Always be prepared. Moreover, make sure you have a family plan.