Women: What They Hate About Men Clothes

Women Hate About Men Clothes – Knowing what to wear as a man can be hard, considering women are alway picky. While we can’t tell you what style to choose and what to wear, we can help you figure out what women hate when it comes to men’s fashion.

Despite the rise in this trend women still hate when men where skinny jeans. It’s a great style for younger kids or those rocker types, but once you get into the twenties or even thirties it is time to give them up. Skinny jeans were made for women and it should stay that way. The pants show off to much. In addition don’t wear trousers, keep the ankles hidden and leave the capri type pants for the women as well.

Next in line for fashion that women hate are the socks and sandals. The key to this fashion style, don’t wear them. Not to sure wear this trend started, but it’s definitely not trendy. Just stick to either shoes with no socks or thong sandals. Sports sandals, slips ons, and those big boat sandals just look tacky and make you appear like a tourist.

How about the classic print t-shirts with dragons on them, well they are ugly. The Jersey Shore style isn’t attractive to most of the women out there, so stop trying to dress like them. Just because it may be expensive and they may sell it at a high end fashion store doesn’t mean it;s a good idea to wear it. Fashion stylist make mistakes too and shirts with graphics like that generally are just that.

Other style to avoid are the deep V-necks and tacky chains. Regular V-neck are just fine, but the deep ones need to go, specially when your chest if showing some cleavage and hairs.