$11,000 Found Handbag By Marshall’s Shopper

A Massachusetts woman found a Vera Bradley handbag with over $11,000 inside while she was shopping earlier this month.

Cheryl Gavazzi was shopping at Marshall’s in Swampscott when she came across the purse hanging on a rack. She was contemplating buying the bag so she grabbed it and began checking out the inside.

That is when she realized that this was way more than your average handbag. It contained $11,340, diapers, and some medical records.

Cheryl Gavazzi told the Boston Globe that she first thought the $11,000 that she had found at the store was involved in some kind of drug deal. So she tossed it into her cart and walked around the store, hoping the owner would notice the cash was missing and come forward. When that did not happen, she decided to go straight to the police.

“I ran to the car, threw it in the front seat and locked my doors, looking for drug dealers following me,” Gavazzi recalled. “I’m a nervous wreck looking.”

She decided to take the handbag to her local police station in Beverly, Massachusetts instead of the police station closest to the store where she found it. There, she discovered that a man from Lynn, Massachusetts had reported the money missing that very afternoon.

“He went shopping with his family, his wife put the diaper bag down, and she forgot it,” Swampscott Police Detective Timothy Cassidy explained.

The man has who lost the $11,000 at the store has so far chosen to remain anonymous. Reports indicate that he was planning to use the funds to build a church in his native Guatemala. He also asked for Cheryl Gavazzi’s phone number so that he could call her personally.

“He called me and said, ‘I just want to thank you so much. It’s not my money. I would have had to give up Christmas for my kids and sell my car,’ ” Gavazzi said.

In fact, the man was so grateful towards the woman who found his $11,000 at the store that he gave her $200 as a reward.

“That’s not my money,” Cheryl Gavazzi said. “If it had happened to me, I would hope that someone would do the same.”

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