​12,000 Light Halloween Home: Neighbors Complain Of ‘Halloween Home’ With Street Crowd

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Oct, 29, 2014 | 10:45 AM

A 12,000 light Halloween home was shut down by police in Southern California, and the home owner says he is disappointed.

Kevin Judd, the architect of the synchronized music show, said police told him that he was violating the municipal noise ordinance, according to Press-Enterprise. This wasn’t the first time Judd has been given the boot. After running the shows at his Riverside home from 2008 to 2011, his homeowners association passed a rule prohibiting excessive displays.

“It’s really disappointing … Screaming moms and dads (during ballgames at the park) are louder than our shows.”

The 12,000 light Halloween home owner bit off more than they can chew this year. The lights were synchronized to music, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Last week, Judd and his friends Melanie and Mark Betty began offering a half-hour nightly show. Hundreds of people showed up with their kids to dance or hang out at a nearby park, according to News Max. But on Sunday, police responded to noise and traffic complaints and shut down the display.

Judd says he isn’t sure whether he’ll stage more shows next year. He says he might look into getting a permit or renting commercial space. Each of the half-hour displays would begin at 7.30pm and would run a show each night apart from Saturdays, when Judd would do three.

The lights were cleverly synchronized to music and would draw crowds of hundreds, especially families.

However, over the past two weeks, police dispatchers have been receiving calls from neighbors upset with the noise and lights. The complaints have been sufficient to shut down the display and some are not happy. Raul De La Torre, who lives next door, says the lights can wear on people.

“It’s great for the kids … But I could see that it wears on people.”

Having a 12,000 light Halloween home can be odd. There are homes that decorate for the holidays, playing Christmas music synchronized with lighting, but they don’t receive as many complaints. That could be the difference between scaring people or wishing them a joyous season.

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