Drunk Driver Arrested: 134 In 50 mph Zone (Mugshot)

A man arrested for a DUI in Montana was clocked by a state trooper going 134 in a 50 mph zone this past weekend.

According to the Billings Gazette, 32-year-old Shaun Kachina Bell from Billings was charged with a felony criminal endangerment after being pulled over and arrested Sunday night. He was also hit with extra misdemeanor charges of driving his Dodge Magnum, without license or proof of insurance, and a speeding ticket.

He made an appearance in front of a judge on Monday where his bail was set at $15,000. Records show that Bell has had 3 previous DUI’s, and had other outstanding warrants.

Trooper Kyle Hayter, reported that after clocking Bell at 134mph he followed him into the city limits of Billings on Highway 312 before puling him over without incident, and he immediately suspected Bell of being intoxicated. There was also a another man in the vehicle passed out in the passenger seat.

He is due to next be in court on June 21st for an arraignment.

Earlier in the week a New York man was arrested after being clocked at 147 mph on his motorcycle while traveling on the interstate. Troopers in that case had to wait till the man was slowed by traffic to catch up to him and pull him over, since their squad cars could not go that fast.

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