14-Pound Large Baby Born By Mother With No Meds

A 14-pound baby was born and while it set records, it didn’t break the 22-pound record set in 1955.

A mom in Iowa gave birth to a nearly 14 pound baby boy last Thursday without the aid of surgery or pain medication, setting a new record for the Mercy Medical Hospital she gave birth in.

The actual weight of Kendall Stewardson’s, second son, Asher was 13lbs. 12 oz., and at first when he was born her and her husband Joshua, thought he was smaller then their first born, who was 12 pounds when he was born.

“When he came out we all thought he was smaller and then we put him on the scale,” Stewardson said, “we were very surprised, but he’s three inches longer.”

“Just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we’re definitely very blessed that way,” Mr Stewardson, 23, told WHO-TV.

Kendall’s labor lasted about 6 hours before the birth, saying that a c-section would not have been a good thing for either the baby or Kendall.

Though not a world record birth it is a rare occurrence to have a baby weight so much at birth on top of that completely natural. Mercy officials stated that only 1/10 out of 1% of all newborns weight more then 11 pounds. Last year in Texas a mother gave birth to a 16 pound baby.

The heaviest known surviving baby to ever be born was to an Italian women in 1955 a boy weighing in at 22lbs. 8oz.

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