​14-Year-Old Burger Seen With Many Preservatives​​

A 14-year-old McDonald’s burger has barely aged in time. Perhaps a fast-food burger has so many preservatives that it can last for decades.

14-Year-Old Burger

David Whipple purchased the fast-food item in 1999 for a short term experiment. He then forgot he had it until he found it in his coat pocket two years later.

Whipple said on the television show “The Doctors” that he didn’t keep the burger for such a long time on purpose.

“I was showing some people how enzymes work and I thought a hamburger would be a good idea,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “And I used it for a month and then I forgot about it.”

The Logan, Utah resident said he and his wife recently pulled it out of the closet upon finding it. The original receipt, still with the burger says it costed $0.79.

A radio station disc jockey offered Whipple $5,000 for the aged burger, he was planning on microwaving it and eating it on the air.

However, Whipple declined his offer; he plans on using the burger to encourage his grandchildren to stay away from fast-food and eat healthy.

“It’s great for my grand-kids to see-To see what happens with fast food,” he said.