$30,000 Prosthetic Leg Found In Gulf Of Mexico Returned To Owner

A prosthetic leg, worth $30,000 was found in the Gulf of Mexico by a fisherman who returned it to the owner who had lost it.

Fisherman Matt Willingham was a little shocked to find the leg, that had been decorated with University of Kentucky logo’s in one of his shrimp net’s when he hauled it up, first thinking he had a part of someone’s body.

“Winding the tail bag in and looked over there to dump the tail bag, and it was hanging out the turtle chutes. Reached down there, picked it up and put it on the boat.

“Thought I had a body. A piece of a body,” Willingham said.

The legs owner was even more shocked that someone found the $30,000 prosthetic and returned it to him.

It belonged to a former UK football player from the 1980’s, named Fred Robinson, who said he lost his original leg in a work-related accident five years ago. Then over this past Memorial Day weekend Robinson, now living in Florida, lost the prosthetic leg while out swimming off a Gulf coast beach near, Crab Island.

Willingham says he contacted the manufacturer about finding the leg’s owner, which also included a picture of the Kentucky Wildcat’s mascot. The manufacturer was then able to trace the leg back to Robinson, and they sent it to him.

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