56 Tattoos And A Regretful Face To Go With It

A 21-year-old Belgian woman says that she now regrets getting 56 different sized star tattoos in black ink all around the left side of her face.

Kimberley Vlaeminck says that she decided to get the tattoo’s 3 years ago, but after father found out and expressed his disappointment she soon regretted the decision. She ended up originally lyng to her family and reporters by saying she only requested three tiny stars but when she fell asleep the tattoo artist just kept adding more of the stars as he pleased.

She even claimed she was going to file a suit against the Russian tattoo artist to pay for having them removed, after claiming a language barrier caused him to misunderstand her. She also expressed embarrassment as a freak and avoided going out into the public.

A week afterwards though she admitted requesting the tattoo’s, saying she feared her fathers reaction to her decision.

Last summer Vlaeminck planned to start going through laser surgery to have the tattoos removed which would cost her $9,000, but she is yet to start the process.

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