600 Pound Man Cut From Home By Emergency Workers

Emergency crews were called to help rescue a 600-pound man from his Pennsylvania home by using chainsaws to cut him out, which took combined efforts of police, fire department, and local paramedics at the scene. They had to cut a hole through the side of the home to get him out because they couldn’t get through the clutter inside his house to get to him.

A flatbed truck was used to drive the 600-pound man from his house to an ambulance. He was in need of medical attention and had to be transported to a local hospital. The entire ordeal lasted hours. Neighbors like Lee Hanyo said they were just glad to see the man was alive.

“It’s very sad and shouldn’t have come to that, but at least they got him out and he’s alright,” Hanyo said. “That’s all that really matters.”

Officials said the man, whose name has not been released, will need extensive medical care but is expected to survive.

“The police came and knocked all the windows out, but they didn’t hear from him,” neighbor Lee Hanyo told a reporter for the NBC affiliate.

Then came the fire department, followed by Hazmat personnel because it was “deemed too toxic to go in for the fire department,” Hanyo added.

Rescue crews then used electric chain saws to cut through the side of the home in Upper Burrell Township in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Using a pulley system, EMT crews lifted the 600-pound man out of his home and placed him on a flatbed truck, which drove him to an ambulance waiting to deliver him to the hospital, the NBC affiliate reports.

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