7-Eleven Customer Kicks Robber Out Of Store

A 7-Eleven customer standing in line early last Thursday morning in Orlando, decided to take action against a robber in front of him by kicking and then chasing him out of the convince store.

The unidentified customer said to WBDO.com, at first he thought the man in front of him at the counter was joking, when he told the clerk to give him the money out of the register, but quickly learned it was no joke when the cashier began handing over the money to the man, he soon realized was holding a knife.

Referencing the many Bruce Lee movies he use to watch quite often as a kid growing up, the customer was able to kick the knife out of the masked robbers hand when he turned and threatened him after he confronted the robber with a wine bottle from a nearby wine rack.

The unnamed customer, channeling his inner Bruce Lee, then chased the would-be robber for about a block before losing him.

Though no one was injured in the store over the incident, and police thanked the good Samaritan for his actions, they warned against citizens trying to take such matters into their own hands.

“Everyone knows or has an idea of their own capabilities; what you don’t know is the capability of the other person,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jeff Williamson told WESH. “The person with the gun or knife could be more skilled than you.”

Police where still searching for the man described to be a 6’0″ white male, who attempted the robbery.

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