80-Year-Old ‘The Bird Lady’ Charged With Feeding Local Ducks

80-year-old Ducks – An 80-year-old woman in the Boston area was charged with creating a public health nuisance for continually feeding ducks and geese in a local parks pond.

Claire Butcher known by locals as “the bird lady” has been feeding them and other birds at three different ponds in the Lynn area for 45 years, according to CBS Boston.

But after a “no trespass” order was given to Butcher in 2009, she has refused to stop doing what she loves.

Officials say the birds are littering the ponds and parks with waste. City officials say they are finally fed up after complaining for several years. So an assistant magistrate at Lynn District Court charged Butcher on Wednesday with violating the “no trespass” order issued against her.

The city has asked Butcher several times to stop bringing shopping carts full of bread to the park. However, she said she will not stop feeding the birds because they “don’t belong to the city, they belong to God.”

Ufficials say the bird lady was causing a problem with animal feces and attracting rats, repeatedly ignoring a city ordinance forbidding it, and the “no trespass order against her. They say their main concern is for public safety.

Butcher says she is disgusted by the city’s response to her feeding “a few domesticated ducks.”

The “Bird Lady” faces a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $100 fine.