83-Year-Old Arrested For Prostitution

An elderly 83-year-old man has been arrested on charges of prostitution. Ben Dawson was turned down by one woman and began grabbing and kissing her neck. Dawson is also a candidate for the Centerville City council.

He allegedly offered to perform a sex acts on a woman as repayment of a loan, reports CBS affiliate KTVO.

Centerville police said the man, who is still listed as a candidate for Centerville City Council, was arrested for allegedly grabbing the victim and began kissing her neck without consent.

The 83-year-old faces two aggravated misdemeanor charges: prostitution and intent to commit sexual abuse.

The man told KTVO first and foremost that he is innocent of both the Prostitution Charge and the Charge of Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse.

“I have never touched the woman in my life and I am willing to take a lie detector test if she is; because I have done nothing to this woman,” said Dawson.

It’s unclear how being arrested will affect the 83-year-old man’s odds of winning a seat on the five-person council. The election is scheduled for Nov. 8.

Dawson was released from the Appanoose County Jail after posting $2,000 bond.

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