​911 Call: Man Tells Police Of Bigfoot​​

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May 30, 2021

A 911 call by John Winesickle about a Bigfoot sighting has set conspiracy theorists into overdrive after he asked the officers to come and inspect the proof, which then became a cover up.

911 Call Bigfoot

It was something straight out of the X-Files, and many people want answers to what happened.

It all happened on May 14th when police in Altoona, Pennsylvania took a 911 call from Winesickle claiming to have proof of Sasquatch a few miles from his property and wanted them to come and verify this.

While the 911 call is not in doubt, what followed has become a matter of dispute and debate as various rumors have circulated - mainly focusing on an unidentified turkey hunter who had shot and killed the mythic beast and a menacing helicopter hovering over the alleged scene.

Officers with the Somerset County police force traded messages about an individual who had contacted the Game Commission requesting a call back about proof he had of Bigfoot.

The man in Paint Township wanted an officer to come and inspect his “evidence” for Bigfoot.

That was at around 10.30 a.m. in the morning - after which events began to spiral out of control.

By 2.41 p.m. the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society received an email which claimed that they had overheard chatter on police scanners which seemed
to confirm that a Bigfoot had sensationally been shot.

However, 40 minutes later the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society received an even more outrageous email that they claim has a name and contact number attached.

The sound was so loud it shook his house, so he went outside to take a look. It was then that he observed a formation of four Army Apache helicopters approaching from the north and moving in the direction of Somerset.

However, despite the frenzy of speculation that the mythic Bigfoot had been found, it seemed the truth was as disappointing to conspiracy theorists as always.

The origin of the call requesting an officer come and see his Bigfoot evidence was local man Winesickle. He did indeed show an officer ‘picture after picture’ of alleged footprints - but no body and he wasn’t even turkey shooting. Winesickle told police that he has believed in Sasquatch his entire life and that he knows one lives near his Paint Township home.

Winesickle said he once came close to actually seeing what he claims was Bigfoot, but added whatever he saw quickly ran away.

“It’s deathly afraid,” he added. “It won’t hurt you.” Although the police report concludes that Winesickle saw bear tracks, he’s still thankful they investigated, and he still insists Bigfoot was in the area.