99-Year-Old Divorces Wife of 77 Years

99-year-old Divorces Wife – A 99-year-old husband divorces his wife of 77 years after discovering love letters that pointed to an affair she had in the 1940s, some 70 years ago, while he was serving in World War II.

Even though a lot of time has elapsed, he’s still bitter and feeling the betrayal from all those years ago.

The discovery of the letters was the final straw for a marriage which had already run into difficulty — 10 years ago the husband briefly left their house in Rome and moved in with one of his sons, only to return a few weeks later.

The Italian press attributed the acrimonious split to the couple’s southern blood — he is originally from Olbia in Sardinia, while his wife was born in Naples.

The couple met during the 1930s when Antonio was posted as a young Carabinieri officer to Naples.

The case appears to set a new record, at least for the age of the oldest protagonist — the previous oldest couple to divorce were Bertie and Jessie Wood, both aged 98, from the UK.

They ended their 36-year marriage when they were both two years away from their 100th birthdays-setting the world record for the Oldest couple to divorce. Both were 97 at the time and it is unclear why their marriage failed although a decree absolute is believed to have been granted subsequently.

Both had been married before when they wed in Elstree, Hertfordshire, in 1972. They moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, four years later, but by 2008 the relationship was over.

The reason for the spilt is not known. Divorce expert Francine Kaye said: “At that age you’d think you’d find some way of getting on with each other.”

Wood died shortly after the divorce decree was issued, right before he turned 99, and Ms. Wood now lives in a nursing home.

Wood’s daughter Pauline Rowe, 65, refused to discuss the split. “It’s too hurtful to talk about,” she told the News of The World.

It’s hard to believe that anyone at the age of 99-years-old would even ponder such a decision as divorce, but it proves that it’s never too late to end a marriage, and that’s quite sad when you think about it.

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