Aftershave Hides That Special Strip Club Smell

Aftershave lotion is being used in strip clubs to hide the smell and Alibi, the maker of the product, can’t keep it in stock.

One South African strip club has created a line of aftershaves called “Alibi” that will coincide with their excuse of why they are arriving home late at night and mask the strip club smell.

UK news site the Metro, says with the aftershave that was created at the Mavericks strip club, and has become very popular in Europe and Asia, men could douse themselves with a scent that would go along with their alibi of where they were all night, such as if they say they were working all night, there is a scent that smells like ink, coffee, cigarettes and wool suits.

Another could be used if a man were to go with the, ‘my car broke down’ excuse that will make a man smell like fuel and grease.

Mavericks guarantee’s ‘Alibi’ will mask the smell of stripper’s and alcohol. Though there are doubter’s of its effectiveness, Margy Bons of Operation Homefront told KNXV, “If he’s coming home at 1 o’clock in the morning, I don’t care. You can wear Alibi all you want, we’re still gonna have to look for that alibi.”

Amy Wall a writer for an irish men’s website called Joe i.e., says, “Apparently people would actually wear an aftershave that smells like burnt rubber.” Adding, “We wonder why they wouldn’t just take a shower instead?”

However at 24 pounds a bottle, or just under 50 American dollars, Shane Harrison of Mavericks says, “Men seem desperate to get their hands on this stuff.”

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